How do I use Aol mail on a third-party email server?

Do you have two email accounts and want to receive emails from both email clients on a single platform? Well, there is a feature offered by different email clients that let you merge or sync your email accounts together so that you do not have to undergo the hassle of receiving email from different clients on different platforms. And, Aol is no exception here.

So, if you are wondering how you can receive mail from Aol on a third-party service such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook, then you can learn the method for doing so here. All you need to do is go through the Aol mail login process and follow some easy instructions as mentioned below.

There are POP or IMAP settings of each email client that can be further used to complete the syncing process. You can easily find below the IMAP and POP settings for both the incoming mail server as well as the outgoing mail server.

Role of POP in email syncing

If you are wondering how POP settings can help you in syncing Aol with another email client, then you must note that it is something that lets you download a copy of your email on another platform. So, whenever you receive or send an email from a third-party client, it will automatically download a copy of it on your Aol mail login account.

Role of IMAP in email syncing

On the other hand, IMAP keeps on working on other things in order to sync other settings in both. This simply hints that if you do any changes to one of your accounts, it will automatically appear in the other one.

What are the Aol mail POP and IMAP settings?

To sync another email client with Aol mail, it is important that you know the POP and IMAP settings of Aol, so, whenever they are required, you can enter them:

Whenever you are undergoing the process of syncing two email clients, you are asked to enter some details regarding the email server. While you are asked to enter the Aol mail login username or email address, then be sure that you do not input the incomplete information. Also, enter the complete email address for example [email protected] For the encryption type, you always have to choose SSL. Moving on to the server settings, you can refer to the following section:

For POP3:

  • The incoming mail server should be (POP3).
  • And, the port settings should be POP3-995-SSL.
  • For outgoing mail servers, enter (SMTP).
  • And, the port settings for the same should be SMTP-465-SSL.


  • The incoming mail server settings for IMAP should be
  • For the outgoing mail server settings, you should enter IMAP-993-SSL.
  • And, for the outgoing mail server settings, type in the space of SMTP.
  • In the section of Port Settings, you need to enter SMTP-465-SSL.


Although the common settings for different servers could be different, you need to make sure that you are entering the correct details for Aol mail login. Any incorrect or incomplete detail would result in nothing but a hassle in your way.