Aol Tripped, Got Up, and Conquered With Strategic Approach

The majority of the people population across the world know about AOL or American Online and this read is going to give you a clear and complete insight into the evolution in the company’s life.

AOL Mail has been the epicentre of all the other services offered by the company with its constant improvements in trying to provide a better user experience along with strategies to retain them.

And when talking about strategies, it is the one company that always steals the spotlight with its futuristic vision to protect its users’ privacy and giving out easy as well as fast access to Internet connectivity.

So, let’s jump to all of the information promptly.

Obstructions That Came in the Way

AOL faced a lot of challenges in its initial years but there was nothing that the company couldn’t have fixed. It studied all of the challenges and thrived on success.

The first problem it faced was when it shifted from hourly payments to the monthly payments feature. There was a drastic rise in the number of subscribers which was more than the server at AOL Mail could handle. But this was considered to be a good problem, after all, “there were too many users”, and was taken care of.

However, the biggest hurdle started forming when AOL announced its merger with Time Warner, naming the company AOL Time Warner, and eventually led to the resigning of AOL’s CEO, Steve Case.

This went on smoothly for an entire year and was considered to be the largest merger in the US at the time. But soon after a year, the “AOL” was wiped off from “AOL Time Warner” which stirred a huge downfall on its part.

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As a result, the market valuation of AOL fell quite quickly and gave rise to a lot of questions. The growth of subscribers slowed down, revenues on advertisements saw a gradual fall, and all its international tasks and operations were noted to only spend money and not get it back.

What Happened Later?

Of course, you want to know what happened then. You must know that there has been a famous saying- Failure is not fatal, but failure to change might be. And AOL took it upon itself to prove that the saying is true and realistic.

It took AOL, roughly about 3 months to get back on track with its user base and its value rose again with the introduction of personalized emails on their AOL Mail platform that let the users listen to their names while receiving an email.

They also announced free services for all AOL Mail users for any service related to emails, discussions, storage, and security features. The growth in the market valuation became steady but it worked.

Soon, they figured out what the new challenge was. With the rise in the Internet fan following and broadband connections, AOL started to be left behind.

It managed to make money and after a few years, decided to finally split from the Time Warner merger. AOL was slow in the market race but was never out of the track.

It then started with acquiring several media properties but that did not work too. And now, as a part of their strategic move, they gave out their shares to Verizon. It can be said that the company that offers AOL Mail is being acquired rather than acquiring.

AOL Advertisements and Verizon

Although AOL Mail is the top-most service provided by the company, most of its revenue comes from its advertising strategies and services.

Therefore, the real reason for Verizon to invest in AOL was to acquire the advantages of their advanced advertising strategies and high revenues.

The three ways that AOL started making money are listed below:

  • Display Ads
  • Ads on Search
  • Ads for third-party properties

AOL, too, benefitted from this deal. Yes, it was later announced to all the Verizon email users that their emails will be transferred to AOL Mail and were suggested to be ready for the change. Hence, AOL Mail now has the Verizon email user accounts as clients along with its own.

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It offers ways for their users to resolve/fix any issue they may find, and import and export emails to and from other email services.


AOL started smooth, had to go through a rocky road, tripped over quite a few times, but kept rising with its head high. They saw bad times over the years but never gave up.

With one of a kind product like AOL Mail, the company experienced a fall in their revenue, subscribers or users, and even the market valuation. But whatever problem came, AOL found ways to strategize and come back in the game. This read is dedicated to the entire journey of America Online till today.

It’s living proof that ideas always have potential; all it needs is a little effort and some faith.