How to troubleshoot AOL Desktop Gold won’t open Error?

AOL Desktop Gold is the all-in-one software that allows accessing AOL Email, AOL Browser and AOL Messenger in just one place. It is free to download; anybody who has a registered AOL account can download and install it from the AOL official website. Many users are complaining that they have received an AOL Desktop Gold error message during the installation process. This could be because of several technical issues.

But don’t worry this is not permanent. You can fix it on your own by following some methods. So, if you are also getting such type of error on your device then stay with us as we are going to talk about the methods to fix AOL Desktop Gold won’t open error.

Probable reasons behind AOL Desktop Gold won’t open error

There could be many reasons behind any technical error that we receive on our system. So, it becomes very important to go through all of those reasons. Here we have stated some probable reasons that can lead to AOL Desktop Gold won’t open error.

  • It may be that you are not using the right approach to install the AOL Desktop Gold software and that’s why you got AOL Gold won’t open error.
  • Smashed or corrupt software files could be a probable reason.
  • Incompatibility of AOL Desktop Gold software with your system on which you are trying to install it.
  • Antivirus or malware could be present in your system.
  • Maybe your hard disk has been damaged or corrupted.

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So, these are some probable reasons behind your AOL Desktop Gold won’t open issue. Now, let’s move on to discuss the method to fix them. You have to try all the methods if you want to fix this error.

Methods to Fix AOL Desktop Gold won’t open error

  • Try to scan your system by using any antivirus software. Then, delete the suspicious file, if found.
  • Before starting the downloading process, make sure that your device is compatible with the AOL Desktop Gold Software version.
  • Remove all incompatible files from your device, if found.
  • Check the internet connection status of your device. If you are facing a slow internet problem then fix it.
  • You should always try to install the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold software. So, check that you are on the right path or not!
  • Maybe you are experiencing the AOL Desktop Gold won’t open because of excess data and cache files that are stored in your browser, delete them immediately.
  • If any of the above methods do not work then navigate to the AOL Desktop Gold website and download the latest version of it then try to reinstall it.


In short, the installation process of AOL Desktop Gold is easy and simple but sometimes you may have some issues during the installation process. In this post, we have discussed such an issue and that is AOL Mail Login won’t open. Go through the post and find a solution to fix the AOL Gold installation issue.